Monday, October 27, 2014

What's The Problem?

When Yahoo! News reported that Singapore pastor, Joseph Prince, has a reported net worth of $6.3 million and an annual salary of $700,000 (here), many Singaporeans raised their eyebrows at the figures. Many asked if it was right that a pastor be paid so much and if he should be so rich?

I agree with the questions. Personally, I am very uncomfortable with a pastor earning over half a million dollars a year but I shall also say this; Pastor Joseph Prince has done nothing wrong or illegal.

Pastor Joseph Prince is the head of his own megachurch, New Creation Church has over 30,000 members, and the pastor has to my knowledge been above board in his financial dealings. He didn’t try to hide his wealth or salary. The fact that his salary do not come from New Creation Church itself is another plus in my view.

Basically it comes down to this; I am uncomfortable with a pastor being so rich but if the members of his own church has no issue with it and he isn’t doing anything illegally, who the hell am I to say anything? I’m not even a Christian! If there's no foul, well...what's the problem?


theonion said...

He has not received an annual salary since 2009. See the corrected report

Further, as all pastor salaries have to be declared and approved in members meeting. what concern to the general public as long as members have approved.

The NCC church structure is different CHC which all major items is approved thru a select committee.

Ghost said...

The updated report state that Pastor Prince has not drawn a salary from the church since 2009. That's different from he has not received a salary since 2009. From what I read, most of his salary comes from sales of his DVDs, his appearances/talks and media interviews. Nothing from the church.

theonion said...

So whats the problem since he did not receive a salary from the church.

Unless you are saying that you more deservedly should receive as such.

Ghost said...

None whatsoever. That's the point of my post. You have read it right?