Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TOTO vs 4D

How difficult is the new TOTO? From what I see; very very difficult!

Earlier this month, Singaporepools changed the TOTO system. There are now 49 numbers to choose from instead of 45 and you will win something if you match 3 numbers instead of 4. Also, the total winnings of the lottery increased.

However from what I see, the extra 4 numbers on offer has made winning the TOTO very difficult. In the latest TOTO draw, not only did no one won the Group 1 prize; no one even won the Group 2 prize!

No one even won the Group 2? In all the time I have play TOTO, I have never seen that before. I have always thought that TOTO was better than 4D but after this change, I have to change my mind.  


Gintai_昇泰 said...

But in the virgin draw ie the first draw both 1st and 2nd prizes were won lah!

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Just to add further. The 1st prize won at Blk 24 Bendemeer Rd #01-529. One ordinary quick pick. The group 2 prize won at Blk 7 Hougang Ave 3 #01-48. Huat Chye Heng outlet.

The said...

Consumers are screwed 2 ways - front and back:

1) The odds have worsened from 1 in 8 million (45C6) to 1 in 14 million (49C6).

2) The cost of any ticket (system 6, 7, 8, etc) has doubled (+100%), but the minimum prize has only increased from $600k to $1 million (+66.7%).

Ghost said...

1st and 2nd prizes getting won is not a surprise, but both prizes not getting won? Now that's shocking and I think it is due to this new system.

Anonymous said...

Government needs money. so the stupid people always bend over to get screwed with KY and family

Ghost said...

Sigh, Singapore. Where every bad decision is due to the Lee family and the PAP government. Maybe next time we can blame the weather on them as well instead of...the weather.