Friday, October 31, 2014

Hello Is Harassment

The latest viral video on Youtube right now is the "Street Harassment Is Real" video where a director filmed an actress walking around New York City and getting harassed by men on the street. 

Now I won't argued that there were some outright harassment shown in the video, including a guy who quietly followed the actress for over 5 mins, but like some men I have to question why some of the interaction in the video is considered harassment. I mean most of the guys did nothing but look at the woman while some just said "hello" and “have a good day”.

To this, the director, Rob Bliss, says this, 
“Imagine that you are that girl — or, better yet, imagine that you are you,” he said. “And you’re walking down the street and every guy you saw in that video said those exact same things to you. How would you feel?”

Yes, you read that right. By reputation, everyone knows New York City is an unfriendly city but to have an actual New Yorker openly saying that "hello" and “have a good day” is just not something you say to a stranger in the city? Well, that just settle it. New York City has to be the world's unfriendliest city!  

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