Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Sports Hub Pitch

You would think they would have learned their lesson. 2 months ago when the Singapore Sports Hub was opened for the game between Singapore Selection and Juventus, many people (including me) complain about the terrible pitch.

Today, the national teams of Brazil and Japan are to play a friendly on the same pitch and…it is not much better. The coaches of both teams have openly complained about the pitch with Brazil coach Dunga voicing concerns about his players getting injuries. The pitch is so bad even the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) declared that the pitch was “far short of international playing standards”.

The FAS could say that of course as they are not in charge of the Sports Hub, thus not in charge of its pitch. Which begs the question just who is in charge? It’s been 2 months since the Juventus game, that’s more than enough time for grass to grow. This is Singapore after all and it is ridiculous that a stadium that cost millions of dollars to build can't even get it's field right.

So as Japan and Brazil play on the sandy field today, I have to ask, “Just who is to blame for this farce?” 


Anonymous said...

Funny that you should ask who is in charge.That is the question on the citizens' lips over the security lapses at the Causeway and Marina Bay, AIM, etc. The answer seems to be your moniker, Ghosts.

Ghost said...

Come one, be serious here. Let's not compare a bad field to lapses at the Causeway. They're not even close.

Anonymous said...

I am more serious than you think. You ask the pertinent, who is in charge. Do you get a proper response? The episodes that I mention are used not as comparisons but as examples of non- accountability even in the most serious lapses.

Ghost said...

The guy in charge of a football field is different from the guy in charge of the Causeway. Even as "examples of non- accountability", these are so far apart they might as well be on different planets.