Friday, January 16, 2015

Comics this week

Astro City #19- I admit; I thought the last issue of Crackerjack and Quarrel was a one-off solo issue; it was not. This issue continues the story on the aging heroes and also delved into the relationship of Astro City’s unlikeliest couple. Now I love Astro City and I understand what writer Kurt Busiek is trying to do. Moving a character forward while looking at the character’s past (there's a long flashback on Quarrel) is something he has done to great effect in the past, but it just didn’t work here. The big problem is the fact that Busiek tried too hard to explain the long-term relationship between Crackerjack and Quarrel. That part of the story just didn’t work. Those two had been together for over 10 years because...they pushed each other? Sorry but I don't buy it and I'm a great Astro City fan! I would much rather Busiek focused on the pair as they face their current problems as old superheroes. That's where the meat is.

Spiderverse #2- If you picked up the previous issue of Spiderverse, you would know that writer Dan Slott has a total disdain for Spiderman in commercials. If this issue proves anything, it’s that his disdain goes to Spiderman in video games as well! The issue starts with Capcom Spider (now that’s a name) suffering a one-punch knockout at the fist of Morlun. It was hilarious; "Inheritors Fist" indeed! The rest of the issue is similar to #1 with separate Spidey stories showcasing the various alternate Spidermen. Outside the Capcom Spider segment, the Spider-Punk story is the best. This Spiderman is the leader of a super-powered protest movement and I love the way the art enhance the chaotic feel of the story. An issue worthy of the Spiderverse event.

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