Monday, January 5, 2015

The Important People

So the people in Sengkang are against a columbarium being built near their residences. Why? The simple answers are money and property.

Simply put, a columbarium will bring down housing prices. Yes, society need some places for a columbarium. A place for the respectful storage of cinerary urns. Just don’t build them near my flat. I don’t want the price of my condo to go down. Yet I find that some people are siding with the residents of Sengkang because the would-be columbarium being built would be run by a private entity and not a religious organization. 

I must say I don’t get that at all. So the columbarium has an emphasis on providing niches and providing the prayer services. So the columbarium is been run by a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Australia that specializes in providing funeral services. 

So what? Why should it matter if the columbarium is run by a private entity instead of a religious organization? Does that make any difference whatsoever? Not to me; and I believe it would not for the families of the deceased also. If it does, their relatives would not be placed there. 

Ultimately, that's what important. Not money, not property, not politics, and certainly not who is running the columbarium! If the columbarium would help the families of the deceased find some peace, I say build it! Money, property, and nearby residents be dammed!  

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