Thursday, January 29, 2015

Comics this week

Amazing Spiderman #13- After Captain Universe-Parker, the most powerful Spiderman inexistence, got killed last issue, the Spidermen are now on the backfoot. Writer Dan Slott does a fine job once again in this issue, giving time for the various Spiders to bolster each other's spirits including a surprisingly rousing speech from Superior Spiderman. I also like the fact that Otto finally got the fact that 616 Spiderman comes from later in his timeline; might be a way for Marvel to restart the Superior Spiderman series. This issue is more of a setup for the finale but with interesting character moments and solid art from Giuseppe Camuncoli we got another winner here.

Spiderman 2099 #8- By now, it’s clear Marvel is trying to get a female hit on its Spiderman franchise. Silk, Spiderwoman, Spider-Gwen; they all had their turn in the sun, now it’s the turn of Lady Spider. Miguel O'Hara is a supporting character in this issue as the focus is firmly on the Lady; the duo even jump to her steampunk world. Sorry but I don’t buy it. Unless you’re a fan of the steampunk genre, I don’t think too many people will find this May Parker all that interesting. If Marvel really want a female Spider hit, they would have a better chance with Silk or Spider-Gwen. 

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