Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not The Best Defense

The results are in and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has beaten Argentinian Lionel Messi and (the more deserving) German Manuel Neuer to win the Ballon d'Or. However the big news was in the “Team of the Year”.

Team of the year
Goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer (Germany/Bayern Munich)

Defenders: Sergio Ramos (Spain/Real Madrid), Thiago Silva (Brazil/Paris St-Germain), David Luiz (Brazil/Paris St-Germain), Philipp Lahm (Germany/Bayern Munich)

Midfielders: Andres Iniesta (Spain/Barcelona), Toni Kroos (Germany/Real Madrid), Angel Di Maria (Argentina/Manchester United)

Forwards: Arjen Robben (Netherlands/Bayern Munich), Lionel Messi (Argentina/Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Real Madrid)

Like always, there are a few names in the team that has people scratching their heads but seldom has there been such universal scorn like that given to Brazilian David Luiz. Let me put my two cents in; David Luiz is not a bad player but to say he is one of the best defender in the world is a joke!

What’s a bigger joke is the central defense of David Luiz and Thiago Silva! I accept that if Silva was playing, Germany would probably not won 7-1 but even discounting that, a central defense of David Luiz and Thiago Silva is just NOT the best defensive partnership in the world. I doubt it's even going to worry anyone!

Where’s Mats Hummels? Where’s Vincent Kompany? Where’s Ron Vlaar? Instead of them, FIFA went and pick David Luiz and Thiago Silva? Don't FIFA knows how to pick defenders anymore? Tell me that’s not a joke! 

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