Monday, January 12, 2015

Smart Play By The SDP

Almost everyone in Singapore believes that the next General Elections (GE) will be held this year, so it’s no surprise that some political parties are already gearing up for it. The first opposition party to fire a salvo is the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), and it seems this time they are playing it smart.

Speaking at the campaign launch, SDP party chief Chee Soon Juan basically said that their campaign would focus on the education system, healthcare and housing. Bread and butter issues will be their main selling point this round, and talks about human rights and democracy will take a backseat.

Now I know some people are disappointed that the most liberal and left-leaning political party in Singapore is shifting to the center, but to me this is a smart move. In the last GE, the Worker’s Party (WP) got seats from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) by taking them on in the center (some would argue on the center-right). There’s no reason why the other opposition parties can’t do the same.

Let’s admit it; Singaporeans are more interested in money than human rights. That’s just a fact, so if Dr Chee wants to change tack and move the SDP to the center; I say good for them.

Forget about about human rights and democracy and talk about money, housing and the CPF Minimum Sum. That’s where the battle will be fought. 

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