Monday, March 2, 2015

A Question On The CPF

Stay-at home mothers with little savings in their CPF accounts should get more support, says the People's Action Party's Women Wing. All good and well but I have a question; why only stay-be mothers with small CPF account will get help?

Why should there be a difference between stay-at home mothers based on their CPF account? Aren't stay-at mothers...stay-at mothers? Their kids don't care how much CPF their mothers have, so why differentiate among them? Why not give help and support to ALL stay-at home mothers? Wouldn't that be fairer?

Also how would the government decide how much is "little"? With the CPF Minimum Sum at $161,000, does it really matter if the stay-at mother has say $100,000 in her CPF account when she can never take it out?

Differentiating between stay-at home mothers based on their CPF account is just stupid!

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