Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nothing The Police Can Do

On Facebook today, a user named Amo Jov shared an experience about being cheated by a driver who claimed to be an Uber driver. For those of you who do not know, Uber is a taxi app that allows private drivers to pick up passengers through a booking system. All they need to do is to register with Uber and they become an Uber driver.

There is no training and any driver in Singapore can be an Uber driver, so I’m not surprised by this incident at all. According to Jov, the driver first told him that the charges were “S$3.90 upon boarding & S$0.70 per km” but after he boarded, the driver said the rate was S$8 per km.

Now Jov has made a police report but there’s a huge problem in the police taking action; what’s the proof that the driver truly did say the rate was “S$3.90 upon boarding & S$0.70 per km”? This becomes a matter of "you say, he says" and I have to wonder how could the police decide who is to be believed?

It’s almost impossible; much less proving it in court. Even if the driver really is an Uber driver, Uber drivers are not licensed. That’s why they are cheaper than regular taxis but by the same token, when you board his car, you are entering a private agreement with the driver. There is no recourse if the driver “cheats” you. The most you can do is to report to Uber who will take the driver off their app.

Sorry for Jov but I just can’t see what the police can do on this matter. Using Uber is like entering a business deal; it requires trust on both sides. If either party breaks the trust, there’s really not much the police can do on the matter.


theonion said...

They may not be able to charge the driver for theft but they can impound his vehicle for non compliance with rules for private vehicles

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jover chew had switched profession to be a Uber driver ;)

Ghost said...

Not really. The driver did not rent out the vehicle but was driving it so it might not be an offence as long as his insurance cover that of an extra passenger. It can also be argued that by using Uber, Jov knowing entered a private agreement with the driver as he wish to get a private car to ferry him around. Remember, Uber is just an app, it's not a taxi company.