Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Singaporeans Respond To The Death of LKY

After a private wake, the body of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore, has been taken to Parliament House for public viewing. His body will be placed there till Saturday and the public can view the body.

The public has responded by coming out in droves with the first person in line since Tuesday night and the queue has been so overwhelming the Lying-in-State will be open 24 hours daily till Saturday, 28 March 2015, 8pm.

From what I saw today, it might still not be enough! Just take a look at the queue!

From this picture, I may be the only one in Singapore who think it is inappropriate to take photo of the gun carriage 

The queue starts here

Goes around Hong Lim Park

Pass One George Building (good touch with the half-flag)

Towards OCBC Building

Across Cavenagh Bridge

 And then you get to the Parliament House

That's in the afternoon; in the morning...

It went along Raffles Place Jetty


Boat Quay MacDonald 

Along Circular Road

To the end before U-turning back along Circular Road

So everyone who want to pay their respects, please be patient and be ready for a long, long wait. Thanks

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