Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Comics this (last) week

The Multiversity Ultra Comics #1- Multiversity has thus far been a series of hit-or-miss single issues. I will grant you that writer Grant Morrison has more hits than misses. I will even grant you his hits have been great (Thunderworld, Guidebook, The Just) while his misses (Pax Americana) are more below average than outright bad. However Ultra Comics is one issue which I have no idea where to put in. It’s a comic with some fun ideas (Ultra, Cannibal Kids) but at the same time seem more confusing than necessary. The idea that The Gentry is an evil that arise from thought instead of action is cool but then Morrison had to muddy up the waters by adding up useless crap like Ultrastuff, a time battle between Tar and Ecpoh etc. Even the idea that the evil that is The Gentry can be confronted and defeated by reader’s criticisms and demand for a good ending is swept by the wayside in the confusion. Too bad because it is a great idea. 

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