Monday, January 11, 2016

A Japanese Schoolgirl in Hokkaido

Education is widely considered a very important thing here in Asia. Japan is no exception and few places in the world can match the country in the importance an education has on someone's life.

Nothing shows this more than the story of a Japanese schoolgirl in the island of Hokkaido. The girl takes a train to school everyday but there was a huge problem. She was the only passenger of the train from her station in rural Hokkaido.

With only 1 passenger from the station, the management of Japan Railways thought of closing down the loss-making train station and you have to honestly say they had every reason to do so. Not in Japan!

When the management of Japan Railways knew about the story of their sole passenger, not only did they had a change of heart about closing the station, they even changed the timing of the train to match the schedule of the schoolgirl. Wow; talk about management with a heart!

You have to hand it to the management of Japan Railways. Continue running a loss-making train station just so that a schoolgirl can go to school? Commercially that may not make sense, but good for them. That's the kind of management I want.

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