Friday, January 22, 2016

Comics this week

Astro City #31- This issue started out strange. A series of different people talking to other people about their strange dream from the night before and as their story goes on...we get to see that all these people are talking about an unknown superhero battle. Now I won't say it worked perfectly but I have to give writer Kurt Busiek credit for trying something so unconventional. This is the reason why we love Astro City.

Ms. Marvel #3- Now I'm not a big fan of Marvel restarting their series every year or two and Ms. Marvel is actually the reason why you should not do it. Kamala Khan was a breakout hit for Marvel and since the revamp, writer G. Willow Wilson is treating the series as if the new #1 never appeared (except for a small time jump). All good and well but any new fans who gets on board since the #1 will have a hard time understanding some things like how important family and community is to Khan. I mean we haven't even seen her father since the new #1 came out. Also anyone who read Ms. Marvel with only the new series will think of Nakia as a bitch, which is hardly the case. Hopefully, there will not be another #1 for some time to come. 

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