Friday, January 15, 2016

Oscar Snubs

Now I read on the internet that many people in America are angry over the lack of black actors and directors among this year's Oscar nominees. As a guy in Singapore, I don’t get it.

I looked at the list of blacks expected to be nominated, and I can’t see any sure thing in them. Idris Elba may have earned rave reviews in "Beasts of No Nation," but it was a film on Netflix. Will Smith may have put in a good performance in "Concussion" but the film was a sports drama on America football. When was the last time that sport got an Oscar nomination?

What people should really be angry about is how in the world did Ridley Scott not get a nomination for Best Director? The Martian was a great movie and it was great due to the deft hands of Scott. It was a movie that could have went so wrong but didn’t due to Scott and lead actor Matt Damon (who did get a nomination). Also, how in the world did Mad Max: Fury Road get more nominations than The Martian?

Don’t get me wrong, Fury Road was good but better than The Martian? Not even close. The lack of recognition for Ridley Scott and The Martian; now that’s something people should get angry about! 


Alex Aldridge said...

Jimmy said...

The mad max movie is dumb movie with zero originality and not worth a nomination. People however like that South African female actress (I forget her name). The Martian was a better movie.