Monday, January 4, 2016

Comics this week

Justice League #47- After the setup issues in #46, writer Geoff Johns now proceed to blow our minds again. With Darkseide dead, the League now faced the impossible task of trying to defeat the god that managed to kill him; The Anti-Monitor. Bad thing is that they know almost nothing about him. They didn't even know he existed until he and Darkseid showed up on Earth to duke it out. The only people on Earth that knows anything about The Anti-Monitor is the Crime Syndicate, so an intriguing alliance between the two groups are in order. Both sides know this could go bad in so many ways but everyone knows they have no choice in the matter. It's join up or die alone.War can make the strangest alliance. 

Superman: Lois and Clark #3- After the attack by Intergang last issue, we are treated to the two sitting down and discussing what's their next move. Writer Dan Jurgens wrote the scene beautifully. The two spoke to each other like a couple who respected and know each other for years. No fake angst or melodramatic screaming here; just two people who are extremely comfortable with each other. Now this the Lois Lane and Clarke Kent everyone knows and loved! 

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