Monday, January 18, 2016

An Adult Non-White Nancy Drew

Remember Nancy Drew? The beloved teenage detective, some called the original teenage detective, is returning to TV. American network CBS is working on a show but for modern audiences. 

Some differences has already been decided on; this Nancy Drew won't be white and she will be in her 30s!

What!? That's my immediate reaction when I read the news. A Nancy Drew that's not white? An adult Nancy Drew? I was never a fan of Nancy Drew but...why? I mean I can understand that this gives the network free publicity but if you're going to change the race and age of Nancy Drew, why not just call the character by another name? 

I mean Nancy Drew doesn't have any special powers or abilities right? She're just a good detective, especially for a teenager. A good adult female detective just doesn't have the same draw, whatever she's called. There's just many shows like that currently on TV.  

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