Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Car-Free Sunday

 A Singapore without cars? That’s the aim it seems when the Singapore government is holding its first car-free this Sunday on 28 February. Roads around the Padang will be closed till midnight as the spaces will instead be used for walking, running and cycling.

Similar to the closing of Orchard Road last year, the Car-Free Sunday initiative will see roads in the Civic District closed to vehicles every last Sunday of the month for six months. All good and well but I just have a question; why can’t the government do this alongside the Orchard Road closure?

The Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road was also a 6 months initiative which recently ended. Most Singaporeans and shops along Orchard Road liked the idea and have been asking the government to make Pedestrian Night a long-term event. Thus far, the government has been quiet on that front.  

Since they are doing the same thing at the Padang for 6 months, why not do both of them together? Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road is successful, so why not continue it and add this Padang initiative to it?

Make sense right? The idea is to have a Singapore without cars so why not do both of the events together side-by-side and see how it goes? Who knows? Maybe it will work and become a long-term thing for our country. 

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