Friday, February 12, 2016

Comics this week

Ms. Marvel #4- Be careful what you wish for. Wise words to live and die by as Kamala Khan find out this issue. Ms. Marvel seen to have everything going for her; she’s an Avenger, she has a loving if slightly overbearing family, and goods friends who has her back, but as they say; too much of a good thing. Overwhelmed by school, family and her superhero career, she did what every superhero nerd would do; she tried to make copies of herself to be everywhere at the same time. Yes, it’s a clich├ęd idea done a hundred times over in various media but hey, it’s fun. 

Superman: Lois and Clark #5- Sometimes it’s the small thing that makes a good comic issue and nothing shows that better than this issue of Lois & Clarke. During a brief sojourn to Metropolis by the couple, Lois wanted to buy a Superman T-shirt as an ironic gift for their son and on the table, you see about 3 Superman T-shirts left, and a whole stack of Batman T-shirts waiting for buyers. Obviously a play on the current popularity of Batman vs Superman as well as the upcoming movie, the subtle play scene made the issue. I don’t know whether it’s writer Dan Jurgens or artist Lee Weeks who did the scene but it was just perfect! Great issue!

The Troop #3- Who in the world is Joshua Cassara? I have to ask because his art on The Troop has been very good, especially on the action sequences. Writer Noel Clarke wrote the series as a cross between Harbinger and X-Men and for the most part, it works but the difference between good and great is the work done by Cassara. The conflict and distrust among the team makes for good drama though I have to question if the team is a little too big too fast. I hardly know any of them. However as long as the writing and art keeps up, it’s all good.  

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