Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Standard & Wild

I have been playing Hearthstone for awhile now and have been having fun doing it. If you don't know what's Hearthstone, it's an online card game from gaming company "Blizzard" (creator of World of Warcraft).

The latest news from Blizzard is that Hearthstone will soon be spilt into get two format; Standard and Wild. The first will only allow players to use cards "released in the current and previous calendar year," as well as Basic and Classic cards which will never rotate out over time. Wild, on the other hand, can include every card ever virtually printed.

The idea for Standard is not new. Magic: The Gathering does the same thing. Banning older cards so that newer cards will see more playtime and to prevent power creep in the game. However I foresee a problem for Blizzard, and it's the same problem faced by Magic: The Gathering. How to keep players playing and buying when the cards they have will no longer be playable in one year? It's what took me away from Magic and now I have to ask myself the same question in Hearthstone. Why should I make the investment to buy cards that I can only play for 1 cycle/year? It just make no financial sense.

Already Blizzard is facing that problem as their website now state they are just "re-evaluating" and "making adjustments" on the older cards. Make all the "adjustments" you want but it still make me ask the same question; why should I buy any card from your online store if I can't use them in a year?

In case anyone is still wondering; yes, I think this is a bad bad idea.

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