Monday, February 15, 2016

The Green Eye Monster

Actress Rebecca Lim and NTUC Income are currently in a bit of a bother right now due to a marketing stunt gone wrong. On 12 Feb, Lim announced on her Instagram account that she was retiring.

Seeing that she was only 29 and had just won a Best Actress award last year at the Star Awards, the Singapore media ran with it before discovering that it was nothing but a promotion stunt for insurance company NTUC Income. The backlash was immediate.

Lim and NTUC Income are now in damage control mode as neither foresaw the bad press they are receiving for the stunt. In a way, I understand their predicament. After all, it's hard to see when the green eye monster will strike.

Yes, that's right. I think the backlash and bad press Lim and NTUC Income are receiving now is due to jealousy and envy. Lim seems to have it all; good looks, promising career, and decided to chunk it all at age 29? I think it's fair to say more than a few Singaporeans envied her when the "news" came out on Friday that she was retiring,

Then to find out it was all a stunt? Lim and NTUC just crushed the dreams of these Singaporeans. Thus the backlash. Not their fault (Lim and NTUC that is). Like I said earlier, it's hard to predict the green eye monster.

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