Monday, February 22, 2016

Comics this week

Astro City #32- One of the great things about Astro City is that writer Kurt Busiek treats his city as a living thing. Time does not stop in this city and the series is greater for it. When we last saw Steeljack, he was working in the local cemetery but things have been going well for him. He is now a P.I. who does various side gigs and has the respect of the locals and even the police. However the past has a way of catching up to you and when an old flame comes knocking…well, it’s a good thing for Steeljack his skin is made of steel.  Yes, Steeljack is back and that’s wonderful news!
Birthright #14- After a few issues where it seems writer Joshua Williamson was just spinning the wheels, things finally got a kick here. The various mages are making their moves while both of Mikey’s parents are trying their best to help their boy. The only problem I had in this issue was Brennan’s reaction to Mikey’s defeat by Sameal. He didn’t lose it when he discovered that the Nevermind was with Mikey, but did now after a loss? That didn’t gel but that last scene promises more action next issues and that’s good; this series needs it. 
Web Warriors #04- First, we have Spiderverse. Then, came the Electroverse. Now, we have the Ottoverse. Say what you want, but writer Mike Costa knows the selling point of this series. Hell, he even had a good Doc Octopus helping Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ben in this issue while having the majority of the issue taking place on the steampunk world of the Lady Spider. Now if only Costa can throw in Penny Parker and Spider-Dame...

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