Thursday, February 18, 2016

Red Meat

Sports and politics should not mix and if anyone doubts that, the problems between Nike and Manny Pacquiao should settle that argument once and for all. Nike has announced that they are ending its endorsements with the Filipino boxer after he described gay couples as "worse than animals".

Naturally, the remarks are a big no-no for a big Western company like Nike but there was a good reason why Pacquiao said those things. Pacquiao has retired as a boxer and is now a politician. More importantly, Pacquiao is running for a seat in his country's Senate and in a devoutly Christian country like The Philippines, saying things like this gets you votes. If he was American, people would say Pacquiao was waving red meat.

Not to say he was right, but everything has context and that’s what happened here. Like all politicians, Pacquiao is saying what he needs to in order to get the votes. Fans of the boxer better get used to it; it’s going to happen again and again in the future.

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