Thursday, May 5, 2016

Comics this week

Bloodlines #2- In the debut issue, Bloodlines looked like pretty standard fare till the end when the blood and death came into play. Ditto for this issue, except the blood and death in this issue is much much worse. I mean wow! I must give credit to artist V. Ken Marion. The scene in question was disturbing as hell but it wasn’t tasteless or exploitative. He did great on that scene. Can’t wait to see where writer J. T Krul is going with this series.

Moon Knight #2- Throughout the character’s history, Marc Spector's sanity has often been questioned. Writer Jeff Lemire took that and ran with it in the debut. In this issue however, he make it plain that Marc isn’t mad; he just involved in a war among gods. I think this may be a good way for this series to go. The mystic aspect of Moon Knight is often overlooked and going this route may differentiate this series from the previous Moon Knight series which is a good thing. Let’s see…

Spider-Gwen #8- I have been generally in favor of the Spider-Women crossover. The crossover has given us good character moments between the 3 main characters but after every high, there must come a low. This issue is the low. Despite being an issue in Spider-Gwen, the main character here is Silk and Cindy Moon’s counterpart in Earth-65. Writer Jason Latour tried to up the stakes by making Cindy-65 the reason for Spider-Gwen but it just didn’t work. Cindy-65 is just too new and too unknown of a character for it to work. 

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