Friday, May 27, 2016

The Pokemon Cafe

Want a Pikachu latte? How about a Pikachu soda to go with that? Well, now you can because the Pokemon Cafe has arrived in Singapore and Singaporeans are lapping it up. Lines are long and at one point, people had to wait 5 hours in line.

Yes, 5 hours!

Honestly, I didn't know about the cafe but I saw it at PARCO Bugis Junction today and I totally get it. When I read the menu with all the too-cute-to-eat pictures, I immediately got it and if you don't, then you got issues. My favorite has to be the rice dish where the rice is shaped like a Pokemon ball. That's just hilarious.

So if you are interested, get to Bugis Junction now. The Pokmon Cafe is located on the fourth level where the Shaw Bugis used to be.


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