Monday, May 16, 2016

A Mistake In Manchester

In a weekend that saw some big sporting news like Max Verstappen becoming the youngest winner in Formula One history and Stipe Miocic knocking out Fabricio Werdum to become the UFC heavyweight champion, the biggest news was unfortunately the evacuation of Old Trafford.

In what was supposed to be the last game of the season, Manchester United’s game against Bournemouth never started after a package was found in the stands of their stadium, Old Trafford. The ironic thing is that the suspected package was actually a fake device accidentally left behind after a training exercise. So the evacuation was prompted by a training exercise designed to combat terror fears.

Jokes aside, a lot of people in Manchester are embarrassed and angry over the mistake with the Greater Manchester's mayor calling for a full inquiry and saying it was "outrageous". So in a weekend full of great sporting news, the biggest sporting news is…a stupid mistake that took place outside the sporting arena.

Talk about irony. 

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