Thursday, May 12, 2016

Comics this week

Illuminati #7- Another one bit the dust. Honestly, I’m unsurprised by the cancellation of Illuminati. Writer Joshua Williamson used the series to experiment on various villainous line-ups and for the most part, they worked. Unfortunately, the series never found the sales to justify an ongoing series and Williamson had to work in a rush ending to close out everything. Too bad; I would like to know what he had in store for Elektra and The Absorbing Man.

Jupiter's Circle Vol 2 #6- Volume 2 of the Jupiter’s Circle saga has been a series of ups and downs. Writer Mark Millar saved the best for last however as this finale give us fans big hopes for the upcoming (and long awaited) Jupiter’s Legacy. After 12 issues, we finally see the greatness of Utopian and how that greatness is both his greatest virtue and his greatest weakness. I especially love the subtle way Millar planted the seed of Utopian’s downfall during his (non-)argument with his wife. That was great and so was this issue. Here’s hoping the same can be said about Jupiter’s Legacy.

Web Warriors #7- After Electroverse, writer Mike Costa Art decided to go crazy and boy, was it fun. Although this issue guest-starred Spider-punk, the issue main character is…Spider-Ham 2099! A new character, this zany new Spider is facing off against…Ducktor Doom 2099! Yes, it’s very bit as nuts as it sounds and Costa embraced the craziness and ran with it. So too did artist David Baldeon who was clearly having fun drawing the Duckbots (robot Doomducks). The tactical talk between Spider-Ham and Spider-Ham 2099 was another high point. This issue is great!  

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