Monday, May 23, 2016


I have a lot of sympathy for people with allegories. So when I heard that an Indian restaurant owner in the U.K has been convicted of the manslaughter of a customer who died after having a reaction to a curry containing nuts, I didn't thought much of it. In fact, I only felt sorry about the dead man.

Reading the case however changed my mind. 

Paul Wilson, 38, was found slumped in the toilet at his home in Helperby in January 2014 having died from a severe anaphylactic shock. It seems Mr. Wilson knew about his allergy and asked for no nuts when he ordered a chicken tikka masala takeaway from the Indian Garden, Easingwold, North Yorkshire. The restaurant owner, Mohammed Zaman, made the mistake of...putting a groundnut mix powder in the curry which Mr. Wilson ate.

Are you kidding me? The restaurant owner was found guilty of manslaughter because of a power he used? I mean I understand that the laws in the U.K is different from the laws from Singapore but that pun intended, nuts! The guy asked for "no nuts" and the restaurant owner didn't put nuts. How in the world is that manslaughter?

I'm sorry he's dead but Mr. Wilson had no business eating out anywhere if he's that allergic. I mean he died from a powder used in a curry. If Mr. Zaman's restaurant had put in nuts in the curry, I can understand the conviction. They did not. I'm sorry for Mr. Wilson's family but you can't blame the restaurant for his death. 

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