Thursday, May 26, 2016

Comics this week

DCU: Rebirth #1-Like all resets, there were some misses in the New 52 and for all intent and purposes, Rebirth is DC’s Hail Mary pass to right all wrongs. Honestly, I don’t think New 52 was that bad but I’m willing to go Rebirth a go. Like all resets, you can only judge this issue based on potential and on that front, writer Geoff Johns did a good job. Wally West’s story and his acceptance of his death were great. His rescue by Barry Allen was superb, and everything was overshadowed by the reveal of just who will be the main villain in Rebirth. I’m sure the reveal will fly over the head of some people but for people like me who gets it; it was just cool!

Justice League #50- It’s fair to say the “Darkseid War” has been the highlight of the New 52. With Rebirth on the horizon, writer Geoff Johns ends it on a crazy and high note. Jason Fabok's art and Brad Anderson's colors matched the epic story and together, the trio made a gorgeous comic for the ages. Pick this one up. No wait; pick up the whole “Darkseid War” saga. You will not be disappointed.

Monstress #6- With enemies on both side of the war, Maika Halfwolf did the only thing she could; she made a deal with the monster inside her. The only problem is…what happened to the cliffhanger at the end of #5? I can’t help but feel writer Marjorie Liu rushed things to end the arc before the series goes on hiatus till August. That’s too bad because till now, Monstress has been a well-crafted story ably backed by the beautiful art of Sana Takeda. It done enough to get me back in August but this was a sad end to what had been a great series.

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