Monday, August 8, 2016

Comics this week

Justice League #2- I will say this; Artist Sandu Florea knows how to draw the Justice League! The art in this issue is really good and goes a long way in making up for the story. Writer Bryan Hitch is clearly going for the long game, setting things up so that the team could face a threat that feels genuinely big enough for a team like the Justice League. It’s strange to have a setup issue in just #2 but luckily for Hitch, he has Florea. Not great, but a good issue nevertheless.

Moon Knight #5- After Warren Ellis’ run, I thought it would be very difficult for his successor to top him. With the end of the arc, I can safely say this; I was wrong! If you don’t believe me, then buy this issue. Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood has put together a gem of an issue that not only great, but did something I didn’t expect; it continue the story from Ellis’ run! I think a lot of fans missed this but if you remember how Ellis’ Moon Knight series ended and read this after that…it make a lot of sense. Lemire knows what he is doing and this book reached dizzying heights that I would be shocked if anyone could top. So once again; BUY THIS ISSUE! 

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