Friday, August 5, 2016

Crazy Expectations

As the third film in the DC-Warner Bros movie franchise, there’s a lot riding on Suicide Squad. It's box office expectations are high, and after the US$800million+ haul of Batman vs Superman, I can understand why. Having said that, I sometimes wonder what world Hollywood is in?

According to reports, it took US$175million to make the movie. It took them another US$100million to market it. That’s US$275million in total. Let’s put it at US$300million. So it took Warner Bros US$300million to make the movie, yet those same reports state the movie would NOT be considered a success unless it make back between US$750-US$850million.

What? A movie need to make half a billion dollars in profit to be a success? Mind you, this is not US$500million in box office receipt (which would be profitable) but US$500million in profit! Either Warner Bros are really confident in the movie or the executives there are delusional; maybe both! 

I intend to see the movie to find out which is it.  

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