Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Player Finds A Body...In Singapore

Okay, that didn't take long. Pokemon Go was just released in Singapore on Saturday and on Sunday morning, a Pokemon GO player is already in the news. According to reports, Azmi Suarez discovered a body floating near the Woodlands Waterfront Jetty while out playing the mobile game on Sunday (7 August) morning. 

Much like the case in America where a female teenager found a dead body while hunting Pokemon, this was what player Azmi Suarez was doing when he found a female body. The Singapore Police has classified this case as "unnatural case" which in Singapore means the woman could have been murdered. With the game requiring players to go to far out places, I think it's safe to say it is going to be harder and harder for murderers to hide dead bodies in the future. 

All jokes aside, I do hope the Singapore Police find the murderer. 

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