Friday, August 12, 2016

The Pokemon Go Job Opening

I thought it was a joke. When reports came out yesterday that a company, Funzing Singapore, had advertised for the job of a Pokemon Master on its Facebook page, I seriously thought the company was joking.

If it was, it’s a joke a lot of people are taking seriously. The company has been swamped with more than 1,000 applications from all around the world for the job. People from Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Israel, Turkey, Sweden and Brazil had applied for the job which according to Funzing Singapore will involve organizing activities around the game like Pokemon Hunts or Pokemon Walking Tours. The “Master” is also supposed to give tips and bring players to “the next level” of Pokemon Go.

Of course I have to question how that’s possible when the game had only been out for a month worldwide and in Singapore for only a week. Then again it’s a job to play a game, so what’s there not to like? Too bad my HP can’t play the game… 

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