Saturday, September 15, 2007

Comics this week

Countdown 33- If you read the comics forum, you will get words like rubbish, tedious and atrocious. When you compare Countdown to 52, yes that may be true. But on its' own, it's not so good either. Take this week's issue for example. Kyle Rayner showed up for his first appearance this week and joined the Challenger of the Beyond team. It looked very sudden when he can just drop in like this but he does add something to the Jason Todd/Donna Troy/Bob team. Unfortunately, nothing else happened! The Flash threw The Rogues into ShadowCrest for safekeeping, Jimmy Olsen storyline is still struck in limbo, Mary Marvel is still talking to Witchboy. Why do the writers keep giving us these 2-3 pages every issue of nothing happening?

Black Adam: The Dark Age #2- If you thought the phenomenal first issue of this series was dark, you haven't seem nothing yet! Black Adam: The Dark Age went disturbingly dark this issue as Black Adam resurrection of his dead wife, Isis, failed. Oh the scene of Isis' back was by far one of most disturbing scenes I've ever seen. This is a strictly "Mature Readers" issue people, no kids allowed. But the issue worked! It will sucked you in from the start as Black Adam navigate one unspeakable horror after another, it's a tragedy but a great one. The breakout star of 52, I hope Black Adam get his own ongoing series when this mini is over. Such a rich, complex character deserved it!

Nova #6- Oh Ko-Rell, we hardly known you! After last issue when we thought she would be the supporting cast this series needed, the writers threw a curveball that shocked me! The new Nova went up againest the Phalanx-infected Richard Rider. The battle sequences was great! Richard Rider has the power and experience but Ko-Rell has the Worldmind on her side. It's nice to see how effective the Worldmind can be when THE NOVAS START LISTENING TO IT! Another great issue of this great series.

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