Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The sad truth about global warming

You know global warming is now a true global issue when Singaporeans start talking about it. Especially when that Singaporean is our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

In a speech at the Fullerton Hotel, MM Lee says that he will be sad when polar bears disappear from the Arctic, and will be sadder still when the Antarctic ice cap melts because of the rising water levels. Worse, he says that he is not optimistic about the will of governments to solve the problem!

It's a mixed bag for me. On one hand it's good that political heavyweights like the MM are taking global warming seriously and are willing to do things about it. However, the MM is probably right that there's not much anyone can do to stop, much less reserve things. Sad but true.


Hachiko Monogatari said...

Somebody mentioned that mankind is the most destructive species on earth, driven not by survival instinct but GREED.

I kinda agreed. Due to our irresponsibility in using precious natural resources endowed us, we have driven many species of animals to extinction, and now the environment is taking it's toll from our excessive abuse.

I won't be surprise if man becomes the only species that drive itself to extinction. Probably the rest of planet earth will then heave a sigh of relief. Good riddance!

Ghost said...

Sad but true.