Saturday, September 8, 2007

Games Convention Asia (GCA)

Just came back from the Games Convention Asia (GCA) that is being held in Suntec and I was impressed by some of the displays there.

The big surprise for me was that AsiaSoft had the biggest booth at the convention. Yes, they were even bigger than EA. There wasn't much on Maplestory though, most of their floorplace were for demos of their new online games; Cabel, Darkness & Light (both seems to be action fantasy games) and Ragnarok Online II (a cute game that's less sweet-aching than Maplestory).

News for 9Dragons players. A Singapore company called Cherry Exchange will be in charge for the item mall here. Similar to the AsiaSoft's MaplePoints, their CherryPoints can be used to exchange for items in the game. Cherry Exchange is also in charge for the item mall in Trickster Online. In case anyone don't know, Trickster is a pretty new online game. Think of it as a 3D version of Maplestory, and you can get the idea. From what I saw, people who like to play cutsy characters can try it.

EA had a big booth at the convention, most of which were for their console games. I saw various Sims2 expansions and played a demo for the upcoming Warhammer Online. Disappointed with it. Warhammer Online wasn't bad, but there was nothing I haven't seen from World of Warcraft or LOTR. Also disappointed that I didn't see any demo for the Lone Wolf game. I was looking forward to it, but it wasn't there. However there were trailers for Starcraft and World of Warcraft: Warth of the Lich King.

For a first time convention, GCA was exactly pretty good. Tomorrow is the last day though, go take a look. Don't worry, it's free.

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