Friday, September 7, 2007

Iraqi pullout?

After more than four years of fighting and months of foot-dragging, the US finally seems willing to cut its presence in Iraq. The unpopular war has been a millstone around America's neck and General David Petraeus, most senior US commander in Iraq, has hinted that he may recommend a reduction in US troop numbers in Iraq.

What took them so long? The sprawling US military footprint has been nothing short of a disaster for both America and their President George W. Bush. Bush's military "surge" in Iraq was just too little, too late and a recent BBC poll suggests that most people across the world want the US-led forces out of Iraq within a year. Even in the US, one-in-four supported an immediate withdrawal. So what's keeping them there? Currently US troops controlled less than a third of the capital Baghdad, and this is a figure given by the US military!

The Iraq War, or the Occupation of Iraq if you like, was to be a short, sweet, glorious war lasting all of six weeks. It has been over 4 years and they are still fighting! Even if the fight stop tomorrow, can anyone say that the Americans has won?

For Singapore, it is in our interest that America win in Iraq. However, I (and members of the US government) just can't see that happening. Worse, the war is doing more harm than good on the "War on Terror". Leaders of Al-Qaeda have opening said that the Iraq war is a boon to their recruiting and operational efforts, providing evidence to jihadists worldwide that America is at war with Islam. In October 2003, Osama bin Laden all but thanked Bush for going into Iraq.

I suggest America pull their troops out of Iraq, not for the sake of the Iraqis, but for themselves. The Americans are weakening themselves there and that is not a good thing for Singapore.


Hachiko Monogatari said...

This US-Iraqi episode is just one of the many make-believe stories created by the top echelons of US politics to uphold justice and freedom for the free world.

It began as a witch-hunt for that illusive weapon of mass destruction which Sadam Hussein purportedly was making (and have they found any after the butcher of Bagdad was overthrown?), and evolved to a mission to stamp out terrorist activities in that middle east country that was thought to be the hot-bed breeding it.

But when one settles down calmly to analyze the whole thing, all these hypes and buzzes are just a cover for the real intention - OIL. Period.

There's a old saying: we reap what we sow. And US is paying dearly for doing just that; the unfortunate thing is the rest of the free world is also paying a hefty price for big brother's blunder.

Thanks a whole lot!

Ghost said...

I personally believe that Bush meant well when he tried to take out Sadam Hussein, but he was one of those guys who got promoted beyond his abilites. Even when the WMD weren't found, if it was Clinton or Bush Sr. in the White House, they could have still have saved the situation. In my view, Bush was just not good enough for his position. And that I believe was America's biggest blunder.