Thursday, September 6, 2007

Missing NSman caught with SAR-21

Why, oh why? That is the question every Singaporean is asking Army Corporal Dave Teo Ming. 20 year-old Dave was last at his Mandai Hill Camp on Sunday. Over twenty hours later, he was arrested in a third-floor toilet in the Orchard Cineleisure mall, dressed in a black suit and tie; WITH a missing assault rifle and live ammunition taken from the camp where he had been on guard duty.

The best thing about it, the full-time national serviceman was only 1 month from completing his NS stint! To go AWOL with a loaded SAR-21 rifle, 1 month before ROD? Why did he do it? Most NSman (like me in my days) go out of their way to avoid trouble during NS. People want to know what drove the man to commit such a stupid crime. Everything from a failed relationship to well, he is plain crazy, has been put up but so far the police and the Defence Ministry has been quiet about everything (including how he managed to get out of camp with the SAR-21).

What we do know is that Cpl Teo dropped out of Secondary 3 and broke up with his girlfriend because she found him too possessive. Outside that; Nothing! Why, oh why?

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