Thursday, September 27, 2007

Comics this week

Avengers: The Initiative #6- Seeing the cover, I thought this issue will be a big deal. The cover has The Gauntlet, the hard-nosed disciplinarian of the Initiative Training Camp, against a wall with the NW logo on him. New Warriors/Initiative beatdown I think. Nothing of the sort! The issue is mostly about the investigation, how the team sent by SHIELD explores the motivations of the suspects in camp and how they got railroaded by Gyrich & company for digging into things they shouldn't be seeing. However outside the fact that the issue make Gauntlet (and his attacker) into a deeper character, it got nothing going for it. A waste of a good cover.

Countdown 31- Countdown is a funny book sometime. Take this week issue for example. There's nothing really wrong with it; we get to see Jason Todd and company on Earth-3 fighting against the Crime Society (no, NOT the Crime Syndicate); we get to see Mary Marvel do something really evil (for once); but there's still no sense of excitement at all! The level of excitement in Countdown has just degenerated (not that it was very high to begin with), the book has shown improvement in story and art but it still lack the extra something that make people go wow. It also keep giving us these 2 pages update on the rest of the stories. Does anyone really still care for Karate Kid or Jimmy Olsen's quest anymore? Not me! I know something big is on the horizon but that's no excuse for putting everyone on a holding pattern, get the stories moving already. Please!

Astro City: The Dark Age #4- Kurt Busiek, I knew you would come through in the end! After the last issue which was highly disappointing, this issue bring Astro City back to it's lofty height! Charles & Royal finally got their act together and the story was sweet! In the backdrop of a city going mad, we get to see how blood is always thicker than water. Nice!

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