Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Malysian orangutan mug French tourist

A Malysian official says that an orangutan at a wildlife sanctuary mugged a French tourist for her backpack, leaving the woman bruised and scratched.

Wilfred Landong, chief park warden of Malaysia's Sarawak state, says Odile Nordon, 24, was taking photographs of Delima, a female orangutan in Malaysia's Semenggoh Wildlife Centre on Sunday, when the animal grabbed at the backpack. They fought briefly over the bag, with Delima ripping Nordon's pants. Nordon, who managed to keep her backpack, told newspapers she thought orangutans were friendly, cuddly creatures.

HA! It's just so easy making fun of these stupid tourists that I won't even bother. Wild orangutans, people. Know what is the meaning of "WILD"! What's even better the wildlife centre has several signs warning visitors to walk away if orangutans approach them because the animals tend to grab at humans and objects. If you don't listen, then read!

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