Friday, January 11, 2008

5 new ERP gantries

So there are 5 more ERP gantries coming up later this year. So what else is new?

Singaporeans are complaining left-and-right about the new gantries, I want to ask, "Why?" Surely car-owners in Singapore know that a car is a money-losing item in Singapore. Between the insurance, road-tax, parking fees, petrol, repaying the car loan etc; how in the world will owning a car save you money? Especially if you consider the public transport system in Singapore which is easily the best in South-East Asia.

Everyone agrees that owning a car in Singapore equal losing why all the complains about 5 miserable new ERP gantries. If you don't like paying so much, then do what I do. Take the bloody bus!


Anonymous said...

Dun feel overshadowed by the complaints. It is natural for human beings to complain, if they don't, there must be something wrong with them. If ppl dun need a car, they wouldn't buy them. By owning a car, doesn't mean they'll readily accept new costs, it takes time to adjust.
For now, you are complaining abt people complaining too. If you are prepared to read the rantings, be prepared to accept it.

Ghost said...

I'm afraid I has to disagree with you on this. In Singapore, people don't buy a car because they need them, they buy them for the 'face' value. Why else would car sales shoot up every Chinese New Year?