Monday, January 21, 2008

If you fail once...

Once bitten, twice not shy.

That's Singapore's stubborn attitude it seems when it comes to our wish to be an education hub. After the University of New South Wales' nonsense last year, another Australia university is trying its' hand in Singapore.

Australia’s Murdoch University has reached an agreement with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation’s (SMa) School of Management to offer more subjects to Singapore students. Murdoch is opening an International Study Centre within the SMa School of Management at North Bridge Road and will increase the subjects it offers from the current 15 majors to 25.

Since this is an expansion, and not a start from nothing, this seems on paper like a good idea. I just hope any Singapore agencies helping Murdoch do their homework this time.

No more 'EDB never reviewed the soundness of UNSW's business plans', no more '18 private schools were shutted in the past 5 years in Singapore'.

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