Friday, January 25, 2008

The export of Kelong

'Kelong, Kelong' The chant of Singaporeans when their team are losing a match. Unfortunately, the 'fixing' of soccer matches is not a purely Singapore matter. We are now exporting the chant!

If you don't believe me, then how do you explain the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations? The coach of Benin, Reinhard Fabisch, has opening said that he was asked before their match against Mali if he could help fix the game's outcome.

Why should Singapore care? Here's the kicker for Singapore. Fabisch says that the man who approach him is working from Singapore, and he is willing to give the Confederation of African Football the name and number of the man who he claimed is working for a Singapore-based company.

Fabisch said that he would call the police if the man, a black African, did not get out of his sight in 2 mins. Good for him I say. Now to get the idiot who made the approach and the company he is working for.

A Singapore company I might add! After the mess of the China S-league team, this is not what we need right now. I just hope the FAS and police go through everyone with a fine-tooth comb this time.

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