Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'll believe it when I see it!

After last years fiasco, FIA is gearing up to prevent a repeat incident. FIA President Max Mosley has warned that any Formula One team found guilty of spying in future is going to be kicked out of the championship.

But somehow, I doubt it. Last year, McLaren were found to have a 700+ page dossier from rival Ferrari and they were fined $100 million. Yes, they were stripped of their 2007 constructors' points but it took the last race of the year before Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were NOT crowned world champion. (Big relief here for this blogger)

After having a 700+ dossier, McLaren drivers were still allowed to remain in the fight for the drivers' title last year. Can any team do worse than having a 700+ dossier given to them by a spy in the rival's team?

If they 'only' fine McLaren $100 million', how does FIA justify more punishment for other teams? If McLaren were got spying again (or Ferrari even), will the FIA dare to kick them out of F1? Kick out one of the top teams in F1? Somehow I doubt it.

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