Monday, January 14, 2008

Accident at Changi Airport

Recently, a new deal in Singapore was the opening of a new terminal in Changi Airport. As Singaporeans never tire of telling any foreigners, Changi Airport is the best airport in the world, and to maintain the position as no. 1 (a big thing in Singapore), Singapore has built a new terminal at the airport.

So much for the new and improved Changi Airport Terminal 3. Not a month has passed and there's an accident already. A flight by an Airbus A380 had to be cancelled after its tow-truck failed in Singapore. The plane ended up on a grass verge and suffered minor tyre damage. Luckily, the superjumbo's 446 passengers got off without any injury.

Now this accident may have nothing to do with the new terminal, but everyone know that the new terminal was built for these new superjambos from Boeing and Airbus. Maybe Singapore should have saved some money from Terminal 3 and buy some new tow-trucks instead for the planes! It seems more needed than a new terminal.

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