Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #16- Finally, after nearly 40 issues, Countdown has told a complete story in one issue. None of the 2 page cameos of Holly Robinson, Mary Marvel or the unfortunately still alive Jimmy Olsen. This issue show the epic battle on Earth 51 between the Monarch forces and the 52 Monitors. I'm hopeful things are finally getting better for Countdown. There is a very interesting possible alliance at the end between the Monitors and a certain black-claded last son of you know where. So there are improvements, let us pray it will continue.

Nova #10- Shaking my head slightly at how fans are buying Spiderman "Brand New Day" crap, and ignoring great series like Black Adam and Nova; I pick up issue #10 and wonder what the fuck is going on. The issue start with Nova and Gamora together again. Forced to unite against a common threat, it is clear that writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are trying their best to give the two some romantic tension. They failed. Main thing is that outside some brief moments in Annihilation, we had hardly seem the two of them together. It's hard to accept the romantic history between the two when we hadn't seem them together outside some fight scenes right? But still it's a step in the right direction, Nova need a supporting cast and Drax and Gamora are pretty good choices.

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