Friday, April 3, 2009

Comics this week

War of Kings #2- After the excellent #1, I was looking forward to #2. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning didn't disappoint with a issue that showcase the political aspect of the war. This is something most comics just ignore in favour of the action but they didn't and this made War of Kings more interesting. We saw that the Kree don't have that much love for the Inhumans and even among the Shi'ar, not everyone enjoyed working for a super-powered madman. Having said that, there were a few things I dislike. In all her appearances in FF, Avengers, X-Men etc; I had always found Crystal to be an extremely annoying character. This issue didn't change my view. Suddenly through luck, she became the "People Princess"? What she Princess Diana? The art was another thing. Some pages of this issue looked rush and I wonder if Paul Pelletier was on a strict deadline. Overall, this was another excellent issue.

Secret Warriors #3- You would think that an issue whose main scene is a dinner date between an old spy veteran and his old flame would be a bore. However Jonathan Hickman made it an interesting experience to say that least. Who else could get away with telling Nick Fury "you're a poor little boy who's gone and lost his flag"? Intertwine the dinner date were the Secret Warriors who were soundly beaten by Gorgon, making Nick call for reinforcements. Look like there will be more warriors next issue.

Irredeemable #1- The idea of a Superman-like character gone bad is interesting but if you are expecting an action-pack issue showing the main character destroying everything in his path, you will be disappointed. Irredeemable is really an investigation series by Mark Waid showing a group of heroes trying to find out WHY the best hero in the world has gone bad. It's a slow burn but it was interesting and there was enough in here to get me back for issue 2.

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