Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gaming Ideas

Recently on Gar’s Random Ramblings, Gar wrote an article about gaming. About RTS, RPG and how he got lots of ideas on new games.

Nothing surprising there. It’s my belief that everyone who has picked up a joystick, a pad, a mouse…whatever to play a game has at least one idea in his head about a game he wants to make. I know I do.

So without further ado, let me tell you about my top 2 ideas;

1) A RPG/City Builder epic called “Dynasty”. You first start out as a low level wandering warrior/mage/thief/monk who stumbled into a small village. You sleep at the small village inn when bandits came to sack the village. You can choose between saving the village from the bandits or join the bandits in conquering the village. This will set you up as either a great hero or a great villain for the game. Once that is done, you will help the village headman or the bandit chief in securing the area around the village. You will be sent to several nearby villages to convince/force them to join the villages together to form a town. Once that is done, you will be promoted to the town magistrate by the village headman or you will kill the bandit chief to take over his position. You will then rename the town to your liking. The RPG section of the game will end here.

You will have a long reign before you die in an accident and then your son will take over. You will then play as the son who will build the town into a city. Think of it like Majesty or Stronghold where you build town facilities like mills, leatherworks and farms. Of course, you must build defenses as well to protect the town from bandit attacks. You can also decide which gods to pray to; the good or the evil, the healer or the strong warrior. You decide if you want a warrior school, a mage academy, a thief guild, a monk temple in your town; you cannot have all. Once you managed to build the town to a certain size, the town will be proclaimed a city and you will be titled the Governor of the city. You will marry, have children and then when your son grows up…you will be assassinated.

Civil war has erupted in the country as chaos reigned. You will now play as the grandson of the original hero. Whereas the first character was a lone fighter, and the second character was a city planner, this character is a general. You will gather armies to defend your city as well as launched attacks against other cities. You decide what kind of troops to buy, from which temple and which faction. You also decide what to do with the conquered cities. Once you have conquered enough cities, you will have enough land and proclaimed that you have a country of your own. You will be crown king and playing from 3 generations, you would have started your own Dynasty!

*Note: this is the short version. My idea is far more detailed than this*

2) A stealth/shooter action game called “I am a Mutant Monster”. Have you ever seen movies like The Hills Have Eyes? I’ve always found it so unfair that some stupid humans unknowingly stumbled into the monster’s territory, they killed the humans to protect their territory and the next thing you know the monster is facing the police or the army who has the monster heavily outmanned and outgunned.

You will start as a mutant monster that is called by your father (another mutant monster) to go to the nearby town and kidnapped a few young women and carry them back to your home in the forest. This is to “ensure there is a next generation of mutant monsters to protect the forest”. You choose what kind of monster you want to be. An invincible but slow monster like Jason (Friday the 13th), a stealth killer who can disappear and appear like Freddy (Nightmare), or a super agile monster like…some monster I can’t remember right now.

Part 1 of the game has you sneaking around the town to kidnap the women and you must avoid the police and bring them each back safely to the forest. In Part 2, the town will launch their search for the women and you must take them out despite been outmanned and outgunned. If you managed to do that, Part 3 will start in which the army is called and you are really outmanned and outgunned. If you still managed to survive this, the army will call in a nuclear strike on your forest and you will then have to take all the women and bring them to the safety of the tunnels in the nearby mountains. With a time limit, you will need to bring them to the tunnels. All the while you must fight the soldiers still in the area as well as prevent the women from running away. If you still manage that…you deserved all the joy of the women and you are now the protector of the mountain instead of the forest.

As a mutant monster, you need to be flexible about such things. Yes, this game is a comedy.

These are my ideas for games I like to see. What’s yours?

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