Monday, April 6, 2009


The U.S., Japan and South Korea went to the U.N. Security Council seeking punishment for North Korea's launch of a test rocket over the weekend. The emergency U.N. meeting failed to come out with any agreement to Pyongyang's defiant missile test.

The reason for this is because any country not called U.S., Japan and South Korea treat the missile test with a, “Uh…ok.” The big problem U.S. faced is that no one really thinks of a missile test as a security crisis. How can they when U.S. has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, Japan has nuclear reactors in their country, and South Korea is a firm ally of the U.S. And they are complaining about one lousy missile test from North Korea?

One also can’t help but think that this “international crisis” come at a very good time for the Japanese and South Korean government. With their tottering economy, a little international incident against the dangerous North Koreans seem like just what the doctor ordered to distract attention away from domestic issues. To be fair, they are hardly the only countries to do this. Notice how the Cambodian-Thai border issues only flare up whenever the Thai government has to deal with protestors in Bangkok. Most countries also think of sanctions for one missile test as a gross overreaction.

That’s why the U.S., Japan and South Korea are having so little success at the U.N. Security Council


Anonymous said...

So how long do you think it will be before the Malaysian government starts making noise about Singapore?

Ghost said...

Might not be the Malaysian government making noise about Singapore. Could be the Singapore government making noise about Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Nah, the Singapore government's style is more of pumping out a mixture of upbeat news about Singaproe and we-must-be-prepared-for-hard-times messages through ST.